Snap Discover - an Instant Hit Among Snapchatters

You want to catch up with some of the coolest celebrity snapchats and stay in tune for much more! If you're as obsessed with famous snapchat users as we are, you will want to read on and find out all there is to know about the trendiest Snapchat tool at the moment - Snap Discover.



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Who wouldn't want to see what Jared Leto, Miley Cyrus or Kylie Jenner are up to these days? These celebrities are among the most Googled famous people and for a good reason. They know how to use social media to promote their work while allowing us to peek into their private lives, too. But if you've only just registered for Snapchat you are not very likely to know all the usernames they go by. How do you go from posting your stories, chatting with friends to actually getting the latest, juiciest scoop from the daily life of celebrities? To be sure, there are lots of celebrity Snapchat accounts, but you'll need to know where to look.

That's where Snap Discover comes into play. With a search engine that allows you to fish out some of the most sought-after famous people snapchat names, this tool lets you browse a range of top-rated snapchatters, probably the hottest ones in the game right now. It's fun creating your stories, snapping and video chatting with friends, but sometimes you just want to get an update from your favorite singer or a movie star you admire. Snapchat has created an unprecedented buzz among its many users and for this reason a lot of celebrities use it as a unique platform to update their fans on their current or future whereabouts, tour venues and special news-related tidbits from their action-packed lives.

It's amazing seeing more and more of them turning to Snapchat these days. There's a special appeal to it and a vibe you won't find elsewhere. With Snap Discover you can find the most famous Snapchat names and check out their snaps to see what they're up to or what they're planning to do next. Be inspired by your favorite artists from the world of showbiz - their lives are now more accessible than ever before and their messages to you are ready to be delivered.